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A fully qualified local counsellor in Thornliebank.

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Counsellor in Thornliebank

I am Graeme, a qualified and certified counsellor in Thornliebank.

I live and work in Giffnock on the south side of Glasgow.

I’m a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I am bound by their code of ethics.

I have worked in counselling in Thornliebank for more than 10 years in various organisations. I have worked for organisations you will be aware of like Childline and also some that are less well-known.

I offer a confidential service, I’ll work with your distinctive challenges, help you find that way forward. Clients come from all walks of life, and find comfort, help and effective solutions in counselling in Thornliebank.

Relationship Counselling in Thornliebank

Our relationships are a very important element of our lives. Yet even the strongest of relationships may have difficulties. Acting early could help your relationship from breaking down. I am experienced in helping both individuals and partners to address their relationship problems.

Depression and anxiety counselling in Thornliebank

Depression and Anxiety are extremely common in modern society. It can be initiated by bereavement or illness or a traumatic experience or other life situations. I have experience of supporting and helping clients cope, and feel good about their lives as they become well once again

Work Related Problems

We spend a massive proportion of our time on the job. It has benefits, but many have issues related to their work. Stress, Anxiety, Intimidation or even a personal issue that crosses over leading to problems. Speaking to a counsellor in Thornliebank is a good means of helping you gain control again


Sometimes it appears that the hardest person to trust is yourself. We find it hard to say ‘No’ or we are overly concerned about what others may think or say about us. If you think that you have low self-esteem or self-confidence issues, I can help with counselling in Glasgow.

Let Us Help You

As a counsellor in Thornliebank I’ve helped with a number of problems including:

  • Bereavement or loss
  • Anxiety
  • Abuse (sexual, emotional and physical)
  • Relationship issues
  • Low mood or low self-confidence
  • Managing sickness
  • Life crisis
  • Depression, and anxiety
  • Crisis in your life (separation and divorce, adultery, redundancy)
  • Mental health problems
  • Concerned about the direction of your life

Contact Me

I understand that clients are concerned coming to a counsellor in Thornliebank to talk about problems, which are profoundly personal in their lives. That’s why I would encourage you to call me and talk about any fears you have, try to take some of the stress out of your first meeting.

Deciding To Talk To Someone Is The Best Decision You Could Make Today