Feeling low and hopeless? Counselling can help with the causes and effects of depression.

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Counselling for depression and anxiety in Glasgow

Depression and anxiety are serious but widespread illnesses. Approximately 1 in 10 people will experience depression. Many experts believe that brain chemistry plays a significant role in the problem. Yet it is also known that environmental factors have their part to play. Life experiences have an effect on brain chemistry and thus some individuals become depressed after enduring a significant life event or events, specific help through depression and anxiety counselling in Glasgow can help you through difficult times.

There are degrees to which depression may affect us and similarly the signs and symptoms can vary greatly from one person to another. If, however, you have been feeling down for a prolonged time, or are have an overwhelming sense of sadness or hopelessness you should seek help from your GP.

Counselling is known to make a difference in the treatment of depression, trying to get to the source of the depression and presenting a different point of view that provides the person some relief and control over it. Depression and anxiety counselling in Glasgow also helps people to access their strengths and use these to make changes for the better.

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Anxiety Counselling Glasgow

Anxiety can be quite a debilitating condition which greatly affects everyday life. Sufferers often describe intrusive, worried thoughts, trouble in concentrating and remembering, heart palpitations and several other physical sensations. People will often feel tense as though something terrible is going to happen and may only feel ‘safe’ in certain places or with certain people. The severe onset of these symptoms is often the beginning of a panic attack and it can be hard to catch your breath.

Anxiety can develop in a number of ways, but again counselling is known to be very effective in handling the condition. Indeed because anxiety affects so many aspects of our lives and stops us enjoying them to the full it’s one of the most common reasons for entry into therapy.

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So if you feel that your anxiety or your low mood is affecting your life why not phone us today? Depression and anxiety counselling in Glasgow can help you through the difficult times.

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